Brush Harvester - Proudly Australian Made

Grass Grabber - Grass Seed Harvester

An innovative new native grass seed harvester for the professional revegetator, landcare group or serious farmer. Australian designed and built, lightweight fibreglass or roto-moulded plastic, BHP steel and reliable genuine Honda 4 stroke engine.

Unlike other harvesters, Grass Grabber is front mounted for safety. Trailing type harvesters require the operator to be constantly looking backwards and not where they are going.

We are continually improving the Grass Grabber and are pleased to announce that the top cover and V- Belt guard is now available in tough durable impact resistant roto-moulded plastic. This material is extremely strong and should provide years of tough service. This has allowed us to offer 12 new colours to the product range, without increasing the cost of the product.
These plastic components are also available as replacements for existing machines

Quad Bike AND Manual Set-up - YOU GET BOTH!

Grass Grabber package comes standard with both Manual and Quad bike / ATV set ups, meaning you get everything you need for both configurations in the one package!

Your Grass Grabber comes with a universal mounting kit that should allow the unit to be fitted to most Quad Bikes or ATVs, please contact Grass Grabber for more detail on mounting.

Manual Operation Grass Harvester

GG- 7540 shown in Quad bike ATV configuration (Quad bike not included)

New Range of colours and Made from Roto-Mounlded Plastic

GG- 7540 shown in Manual configuration


  • Model - GG-7540
  • Weight - Approximately 38kg
  • Genuine Honda 4 stroke engine
  • lightweight fibreglass or roto-moulded plastic
  • BHP steel
  • Variable Brush Speed
  • High quality rip-stop canvas collection bag

Please contact Grass Grabber for more detail

Grass Grabber was designed for collection of..

  • Kangaroo Grass (Themeda)
  • Wallaby Grass (Austrodanthonia)
  • Weeping Grass (Microlaena)
  • Red Grass (Bothriochloa)
  • Spear Grass (Austrostipa)
  • Spinifex
  • Barbed Wire Grass (Cymbopogon)
  • Poa (Native Tussock)
Customers have also been successful with Chloris truncata (Windmill Grass) and Phalaris


Built using high quality steel, fibreglass or roto-moulded plastic, the grass grabber packs a genuine Honda 4 stroke engine with variable ENGINE REVS ! for easily controllable brush speed variation.

The canvas collection bag is made from high quality rip-stop canvas and being tough and flexible is extremely difficult to damage, it is also resistant to sharp pointed seeds.

In its manual configuration, the Grass Grabber is ideal for sensitive grasslands National Parks etc.

With wheels, handle and top covers removed for transportation the Grass Grabber weighs less than the current model domestic Victa lawnmower, is easily transportable and will fit in the boot of most passenger cars.

Grass Grabber Walk Behind Harvester

The GRASS GRABBER brush harvester is easily reconfigured from Quad bike ATV mount to manual operation or " Walk Behind Harvester ".. (above).

Please contact Grass Grabber for more detail

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DESIGNS REGISTERED (AU341429/341428) )

Grass Grabber is designed for the collection of grass and shrub seeds including:

  • Kangaroo Grass (Themeda)
  • Wallaby Grass (Austrodanthonia)
  • Weeping Grass (Microlaena)
  • Red Grass (Bothriochloa)
  • Spear Grass (Austrostipa)
  • Spinifex
  • Barbed Wire Grass (Cymbopogon)
  • Poa (Native Tussock)

Customers have also been successful with:

  • Chloris truncata (Windmill Grass)
  • Phalaris
  • Meadow species in Switzerland