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Paul and Sharon Alessi (ALESSI NATIVE SEEDS) began commercial collection of Australian native plant seeds near Goulburn NSW in 1989, with Paul's background in engineering it wasn't long before he started designing his own tools to facilitate seed collection, first off was a telescopic aluminium pole pruner with a reach of 10m for collecting Eucalyptus seed, everything was hand fabricated even heat treating the cutting blades himself in his home workshop. He then built an automatic hard seed separator for cleaning Acacia seed which could be loaded up with 20kg of seed at a time and left to complete its task automatically.

The early 1990's saw Alessi Native Seeds lead the way in native grass seeds and Paul built a threshing machine coupled to a vibrating table and then a large brush harvester all to his own design. This brush harvester has a brush made to Paul's own specification including the unique size and density of the bristles.

This harvester has now completed 16 years of good service has collected many tonnes of native grass seed, it has proven itself very reliable and successful on almost any native grass seed that comes before it.

The Alessi brush harvester incorporates many innovations, most importantly being FRONT MOUNTED to the vehicle

Most other brush harvesters are towed in an off-set to the rear position which is both awkward and dangerous as you are always looking behind you and not where you are going, they are difficult to reconfigure for one man and if you need to go through a gateway, trees or other obstacles forget it !

GRASS GRABBER has a wide brush and VERY powerful yet light Honda engine with variable revs which allows variable brush speeds.

GRASS GRABBER incorporates the same innovations and principles of the original machine but in a number of sizes and configurations

GRASS GRABBER harvesters are manufactured in rural Goulburn, NSW Australia.

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Goulburn North
NSW Australia 2580
M: +61 (0) 427 297148
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Paul Alessi

ABN: 92 075 607 139



DESIGNS REGISTERED (AU341429/341428) )

Grass Grabber is designed for the collection of grass and shrub seeds including:

  • Kangaroo Grass (Themeda)
  • Wallaby Grass (Austrodanthonia)
  • Weeping Grass (Microlaena)
  • Red Grass (Bothriochloa)
  • Spear Grass (Austrostipa)
  • Spinifex
  • Barbed Wire Grass (Cymbopogon)
  • Poa (Native Tussock)

Customers have also been successful with:

  • Chloris truncata (Windmill Grass)
  • Phalaris
  • Meadow species in Switzerland